Right to be forgotten

Under the new regulations businesses based in the EU no longer have the right to keep processing any personal data that is no longer relevant to original purposes for which the owner of the data gave his or her consent.

As a general assumption in the case of OpenStudio, personal data no longer relevant can be defined as data of customers who have had no activity in or dealings with your businesses after a given date. To assist in cleaning up inactive customers, a new report has been added. Using this report you can first view a list of customers without activity after a given date and then continue to remove them.

Delete a all customers inactive after a given date

  1. Go to Reports - Inactive customers
  2. Select date after which OpenStudio is to check for customer activity
  3. Run report
  4. When ready to delete customer data, click the red “Delete customers” button

Delete a single customer

  1. Go to Customers
  2. Click the delete button next the the customer to be deleted
  3. To to deleted
  4. Click the delete button next the the customer to be deleted

Note: All invoices generated by services any customer has used will be retained to comply with financial legislation.

Activity is defined as follows

  1. Having a subscription after date provided
  2. Having a class card after date provided
  3. Having attended an event after date provided
  4. Having attended a class
  5. Having placed an order
  6. Having an invoice with an invoice date after date provided
  7. Having logged in
  8. Having been created or having registered after date provided
  9. Employees having added a note after date provided
  10. Being a teacher
  11. Being an employee