Teacher payments

OpenStudio supports fixed rate and attendance based payments for teachers. Monthly credit invoices specifying the class payments and travel allowances can be generated for each teacher.

Teacher payments configuration

Create credit invoices

After configuring a payment rate system for teachers, credit invoices can be created.

  1. Go to Finance - Teacher payments in the main menu
  2. Go to the tab “Not verified”
  3. Click Find classes and choose a range of dates to search for any classes not yet found
  4. Verify all classes or verify individual classes
  5. Go to the tab “Verified”
  6. By clicking process credit invoices will be created for all verfied classes or verified classes in a chosen range

Paying credit invoices

The easiest way to pay the credit invoices for teachers is to create a payment batch. Navigate to Finance - Batch payments and click add. Choose Teacher payments when asked what kind of batch to create. Here fill out the form with desired data and click Save.

The batch created will contain all teacher payment credit invoices with status Sent for the selected month.

In the batch view, click the Export button to export the batch. OpenStudio exports the batch items in a .csv file. This file can be transformed to different formats. For example to the PAIN format by using an application called IBANC.

Set the batch status to Sent to Bank when the batch has been sent to the bank. This will automatically add payments to all invoices in the batch and set the invoice statuses to paid.