Most customer related administrative activities start at the Customers -> List Customers page.

From the Customer List page you can view a list of your customers, search your list of customers, add new customers and export Customer Records and Mailing Lists to Excel Spreadsheet format.

1. Adding Customers

Click the +Add button at the top right of the Customer List window. In add customer popup, input the First Name, Last Name and email address of the student. The email address will become their customer login username in case you choose to have your customers participate in the use of OpenStudio.

2. Export Customer Data

You can export and download Customer Records and Mailing lists to Excel Spreadsheet format from Customers -> List Customers page by clicking on the small Cloud button near the top right of the window.

3. Search for customers in list

In order to more quickly and easily locate a customer from your customer list, you can begin typing the customers name in the search box near the top right of the Customer List window. As you type, the list will refine itself with each keystroke.

When using the search feature, be sure to clear the contents of the search box after locating your customer or you will continue to see a filtered list. It is not uncommon to encounter difficulty locating records or fear loss of data when the list is merely filtered.

4. # of records to view in Customer List

By default, lists display 10 records per page. You can select between 10, 15 or 25 records per page. You can do so by clicking on the square button with eye symbol near the top of the page.

5. Send e-mail

Clicking on the envelop to the right side of a customer in the list will open a new email with the recipient email address already populated in the default email client, if installed and/or defined in the users operating system.

6. Edit

You can select the student record you wish to edit by clikcing on their picture icon, or by clicking pencil icon button to the right of the students record. More about editing customer records below under the Customers Record section.

7. Delete

If you want to remove a customer from this list, you would click on the X icon Button to the right of the customer record. The customer record will be moved to the ‘Deleted’ tab. Customer records can not be removed from the database because their may be many transactions linked to that customer record. When records are deleted, they are instead marked as deleted and removed from active view.

When a deleted customer record becomes useful again, such as when the customer resumes classes, their record can be active again by removing it from the deleted tab.

Customers Record

You can store a lot of information about your customers in OpenStudio.

  • General information like name, address and comments.
  • Subscriptions
  • Class cards
  • Class attendance
  • Class reservations
  • Workshop registrations
  • Payment information
  • Documents
  • Tasks (to-do list)
  • Invoices

From the profile tab you can store personal information about your customer.

To add a picture, Click the “Add Picture” link under the default picture. Take note that your image file must not exceed 4MB in size. You will arrive at the Edit Picture page for the customer. Click “Choose File” and proceed to browse to an image file. After you select an image file you must click the Save button on the top right of the page to commit the image to your customers profile. After clicking Save click back, or click back without clicking save to cancel the upload. In order to view the photo you just uploaded the customer profile you will have to refresh (reload) the page.

From the Memberships tab you can view, add and manage Memberships. For more information about memberships, see the School -> Memberships section of the Manual.

ZZ. Pause A Subscription

To pause a subscription go to the edit page for a customer and then click the subscriptions link and then the “Pause” button for the subscription you wish to pause.