Most customer related administrative activities start at the Customers>List Customers page.

1. Adding Customers

Click the +Add button at the top right of the Customer List window. In add customer popup, input the First Name, Last Name and email address of the student
The email address will becomre their customer login username in case you choose to have your customers participate in the OpenStudio system.

2. Exports

You can export a couple different lists from Customers>List on Customers page by clicking on the small Cloud button near the top right of the window.

You can export a customer list complete with profile data to excel by clicking Active Customers under the Cloud Button at the top right of the screen.

You can export an email list by clicking on ‘Mailing Lisg’ under the Menu Icon at the top right of the screen.

4. # of records to view in Customer List

In order to select between 10, 15 or 25 records per page, click on the button with eye symbol.

6. Send e-mail

Clicking on the envelop to the right side of a customer in the list will open a new email with the recipient email address already populated in the default email client, if installed.

7. Edit

You can select the student record you wish to edit by clikcing on their picture, or by clicking pencil icon button to the right of the students record.

8. Delete

If you want to remove a customer from this list, you would click on the X icon Button to the right of the customer record. The customer record will be moved to the ‘Deleted’ tab.

Customers Record

You can store a lot of information about your customers in OpenStudio.

1. Information

  • General information like name, address and comments.
  • Subscriptions
  • Class cards
  • Class attendance
  • Class reservations
  • Workshop registrations
  • Payment information
  • Documents
  • Tasks (to-do list)
  • Invoices

2. Pause A Subscription

To pause a subscription go to the edit page for a customer and then click the subscriptions link and then the “Pause” button for the subscription you wish to pause.