Update OpenStudio

Below are the steps to upgrade OpenStudio 2017 (and later), for example from version 2017.1.0 to 2017.2.0. The steps are the same for all upgrades.

  1. Create a backup of your web2py folder and your openstudio database.
  2. Check your backups, do they contain data and are you able to restore them to another location. (If you’re not sure you can restore it, it doesn’t count as a backup)
  3. Check the web2py versions section in this manual to see if the web2py version is the same for the new version. In case a newer web2py version is required, download it and set it up. For more info on setting up web2py, please see the web2py documentation.
  4. In case you don’t have to upgrade the web2py installation, just remove the OpenStudio app using the web2py admin interface.
  5. Extract the latest OpenStudio version in the web2py applications folder.
  6. Next edit the application in the admin interface and edit appconfig.ini in the private folder to connect OpenStudio to the existing database.
  7. Copy the databases folder, uploads folder and custom folders in views/templates from your web2py/applications/<OpenStudio_backup> to web2py/applications/<OpenStudio updated>.
  8. Visit your openstudio url and add /upgrade at the end. eg https://demo.openstudioproject.com/upgrade
  9. Open the OpenStudio url and you should be able to log in to the new version.

In case you need help, paid support is offered.