Attendance based

Attendance based payments allow setting a flexible rate for classes of selected types. Attendance lists are populated, for example 1 student means €1, 2 students means €2, etc. These lists are then linked to classtypes.


Setting up attendance based payments for teachers has a few seps

  1. Setting the teacher payment rate type under setting
  2. Store teacher bank account information
  3. Setting rates
  4. Create credit invoices

Setting the teacher payment rate type

Go to settings in the main menu and choose Financial. Here go to the tab Teacher payments. Select Attendance based and click Save.

Store bank account information

School - Teachers and click the edit button for the selected teacher and navigate to the Payment info tab. Add the bank account information on this page.

Setting rates

Go to School - Teachers and click the Payment Attendance lists tab. Create a new list by clicking Add. Once the list is created, rates can be added by clicking the Rates button for the selected list and classtypes can be linked using the Class types button. One rate has to be added for each number of students attending a class.

Note: A class type can have only one list associated with it